New Album Release Party And Charity Fundraiser


As many of you do, we, the members of MARMO feel quite strongly that this current administrations "Zero Tolerance" immigration policy is not in keeping with the intent of the founders of this country we are all proud to be citizens of.  As such, we have decided to donate all profits we make from CD and T-Shirt sales at this Friday's "Fictional" album release party at Silk City Coffee in beautiful downtown Manchester, CT.

From the band's official Facebook page today (written before the executive order was signed this evening):

"In the spirit of complete transparency...
At $10 per CD, MARMO has about a 50% margin (we pay about $5 per CD). The group feels strongly enough about this issue that even if we sell every CD and T-shirt we bring to the show, we will yield exactly ZERO profit. Beyond our out of pocket costs, EVERYTHING is going to this critically important cause.
That said, this will not be a heavy, preachy downer of an evening. MARMO has released an album of songs we are proud of. And we want to CELEBRATE!!
Do please come out on Friday and join the party - while helping us do the right thing!!" 


Please consider supporting this wonderful and important charity: HERE


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