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New Album Release Party And Charity Fundraiser

As many of you do, we, the members of MARMO feel quite strongly that this current administrations "Zero Tolerance" immigration policy is not in keeping with the intent of the founders of this country we are all proud to be citizens of.  As such, we have decided to donate all profits we make from CD and T-Shirt sales at this Friday's "Fictional" album release party at Silk City Coffee in beautiful downtown Manchester, CT.

From the band's official Facebook page today (written before the executive order was signed this evening):
"In the spirit of complete transparency... At $10 per CD, MARMO has about a 50% margin (we pay about $5 per CD). The group feels strongly enough about this issue that even if we sell every CD and T-shirt we bring to the show, we will yield exactly ZERO profit. Beyond our out of pocket costs, EVERYTHING is going to this critically important cause. That said, this will not be a heavy, preachy downer of an evening. MARMO has releas…

Fictional... Available Now!!

MARMO is pleased to offer these darned pretty songs; an acoustic/americana vision of a life of optimism in the face of hardship, of longing and hope, of hard won victories, and of starting over.
On Bandcamp, lossless download and streaming here
On Amazon, CD available here
On Google Play Music, streaming here
MARMO is:  Christian Loftus (guitar, piano, tuba, bass, vocals, melodica)  Dan Thompson (vocals, bass, guitar, lap steel)  Bill Ludwig (vocals, guitar) 

All songs written and performed by MARMO  Recorded and produced spring, 2018  2018 Persuading Records

Fictional - Official Music Video!!

Hey, look! It's a video for a song off the new album!!

Fictional - Official Music Video!!
This is the album's title track, "Fictional"... having something to do with living in a fish tank or a pet cage and featuring the gorgeous aquariums of Eric J Olson and Dave Gilbert (thank you both for the great footage!!)

Also featuring the acting debut of Oreo the Hamster!
We hope you like what you see and hear... and if you do, PLEASE SHARE

Fictional Album Cover

We are so excited about our new album, "Fictional"... and love the album art.  Check it out!
Referencing the title song, the members of MARMO got to  calling the man with the guitar, "floaty guy"
As this post is being written, the album has been submitted for final proofing.  The album release party is June 22nd, but we're hoping to release it prior to that - late May.  Watch this page!


Hey, hi, MARMO-sets.
The group is all done recording the new album and is now at the point of putting together CD artwork… AND WE WANT YOUR HELP!!!
We’ve got the idea of using images that reflect things in the lyrics of the songs.  Over the course of THIS WEEKEND, we’d like you to grab your camera, your pens and pencils, your crayons, your paint brushes or whatever you need and send us your images to include on the CD jacket!

“What the heck do I get for this, MARMO?”, you might be asking yourself.  Well, how about your name printed inside the CD sleeve?  And every person whose art is chosen will get a FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE ALBUM!  Cool, right?
An early draft of the album cover art.
OK, here are the remaining song titles and a few ideas of what might make a good, representative image:
Maybe – This song is about taking a moment to consider where your life is and/or may end up.  There’s a line about packing up and moving to a small house by a lake in Maine. A “Welcome to Maine” s…
Happy Saturday, MARMO-sets!
Last week, the fellas got up on stage and played a couple of songs.  Some really nice video was captured, so we thought we'd share it here  Check it out!!
"That Lucky Old Sun"
Next up, the guys are playing a long set at a public event at Work Space in Manchester, CT.  See the events page for more details.

Single Point

Bill wrote Single Point in response to the Las Vegas shootings in October 2017. All proceeds generated from this song go to The National Compassion Fund. There's a donation link in the video.