Hey, hi, MARMO-sets.

The group is all done recording the new album and is now at the point of putting together CD artwork… AND WE WANT YOUR HELP!!!

We’ve got the idea of using images that reflect things in the lyrics of the songs.  Over the course of THIS WEEKEND, we’d like you to grab your camera, your pens and pencils, your crayons, your paint brushes or whatever you need and send us your images to include on the CD jacket!

“What the heck do I get for this, MARMO?”, you might be asking yourself.  Well, how about your name printed inside the CD sleeve?  And every person whose art is chosen will get a FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE ALBUM!  Cool, right?

An early draft of the album cover art.

OK, here are the remaining song titles and a few ideas of what might make a good, representative image:

  • Maybe – This song is about taking a moment to consider where your life is and/or may end up.  There’s a line about packing up and moving to a small house by a lake in Maine. A “Welcome to Maine” sign?  Someone taking out their trash?
  • Go Change Your Name – A song about dropping out of society and changing your identity. Someone flipping through a book of faces? Identity change, plastic surgeon sign
  • Pendulum – A song of philosophical big questions… Is everything pre-destined?  Why are we here?  Why am I here?  The swinging pendulum on a clock, maybe?
  • Million Miles – This is a song about being homesick while traveling. It references travel by train, and mistaking someone turned away on a cell phone as a missed loved one
  • In This Moment – This song is about your life flashing before your eyes while driving. Light filtered through trees or across road
  • Lemonade – This song’s about really liking lemonade, so… A glass or pitcher of lemonade?
  • One If By Land – This song lists ways that your heart can be broken. Candles in a window? A broken heart?
  • The Distance Between – A song about gaps between opposing viewpoints and spaces of time.  A globe? A map scale gauge?  Any type of measuring devices
  • This Here's A Song – A happy song about good times with friends.  A beach scene or flowers?

Please don’t send us Google search result images.  We want your original stuff only. 

Here in Southern New England, the weather's going to be beautiful this weekend... Get out there with the kids - take some pictures.  Or draw or paint something.  Every submission will shared and credited.  Have fun!


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